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Myretieval is an expert in forensic crypto recovery services and complex card-not-present transaction disputes, and has recovered millions of dollars for consumers worldwide

Our technology and expertise aid law enforcement agencies, cryptocurrency exchanges and banks by expediting their own investigations and reducing processing time.

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Myretrieval provides every client with a comprehensive crypto investigation report that will give the authorities detailed information about the case and even names and other identifying information about persons of interest involved in the bitcoin scam.

Have you lost money to bitcoin scams and need crypto recovery? If so, it’s essential to act fast and yet to proceed with caution. Cybercriminals who run crypto scams can hide behind anonymous bitcoin wallets and launder money rapidly on the blockchain. 

Although it’s important to move quickly, it’s equally crucial to make the right choice with bitcoin recovery services. There are many services out there that claim to get your money back fast without any hassle. However, too many crypto scam recovery operations are no better than the bitcoin scams they claim to fight against. 

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So what should you do? Contact Myretrieval immediately. We have the skills, tools, and expertise to help you get started with crypto recovery services and will empower you to track down the cybercriminals holding your funds. We create thorough crypto investigation reports that will give your claim an advantage and will help authorities find your funds.

Why you should contact crypto recovery services

The nature of the blockchain also makes fund recovery complex. All transactions are anonymous and it can be hard to know who is holding your funds. Given the rising number of crypto scams, there has never been a greater demand for effective crypto scam recovery services to investigate client claims.


Bitcoin Scams

Bitcoin scams are everywhere. It’s important to be careful on the blockchain, but if you’ve lost your money to bitcoin fraud, we can help you on the road to bitcoin recovery. Getting your money back from crypto scams isn’t something you can do alone

Crypto Scam Detection

Is your crypto broker the real deal? Is that ecommerce site with prices in bitcoin offering actual merchandise? The blockchain can seem like a jungle and you may find yourself asking, “Is crypto a scam?” Fortunately not all digital currency transactions are dodgy

Crypto Recovery

Have you lost your deposit to a fake broker? Did a crypto merchant never deliver your item? Fight back with crypto recovery methods that will get your money back. Our advanced bitcoin recovery methods, including bitcoin forensics and technical crypto investigation, will hit bitcoin frauds in ways they never expected.

Crypto Investigation Report

We will summarize our extensive crypto investigation results in a report that will give you a head start with bitcoin recovery. Our investigation reports are crucial to getting authorities interested in your case and will give them the leads they need to help you get your money back.

If you’ve lost money to scammers, contact us now and we’ll work with you to get your money back!

I Deliver Measurable Results

MyRetrieval Will Help You Fight the Battle Against Crypto Scams.

If you have lost money to financial fraud, talk to the Myretrieval team. Our crypto recovery services investigations will provide evidence to bolster your claim and get you started with fund recovery. 

Myretrieval has developed working relationships with law enforcement agencies worldwide, has extensive knowledge and experience with crypto tracking, and can improve your prospects of getting your funds back.

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Eustacia McKinney
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Jane Michelson
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Aviation law crime services
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